Recent Projects

  • Midwest Electric, Inc. Intranet
    Midwest Electric, Inc.
  • Lakeshore REALTORS
    Lakeshore REALTORS®
  • The Harvest Company
    The Harvest Company
  • Busy Bee Helicopter
    Busy Bee Helicopter
  • Mercer County Electric, Inc.
    Mercer County Electric, Inc.
  • Six on the Beach
    Six on the Beach
  • Access Engineering Solutions
    Access Engineering Solutions
  • Auglaize & Mercer Counties Convention & Visitors Bureau
    Auglaize & Mercer Counties Convention & Visitors Bureau

Social Media

socialmedia-1024x682Day by day social media is growing, evolving, and changing the way we connect with the world.   You may find yourself asking the question “Is social media right for my business?” “Which platform is best?” “Are my customers using social platforms?” “Where do I start?” Brand It Marketing Communications has the knowledge and expertise to help guide your business into this new territory.


There are an average of 3 billion monthly active internet users*. 2 billion of those are active on social media. 5 billion have a mobile phone. Your audience is out there, waiting to hear from you. Be where they are.

So, why social media? Social media can help grow brand awareness and create or enhance your reputation as an expert in your industry. Social platforms are more than what you had for lunch, what you’re doing after work, and those silly cat videos.  Social platforms allow you to position yourself as the go-to resource for your market. Products like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat allow you to show your human side and build relationships.