10 Fun Gift Ideas for Your Boss This Holiday Season

Struggling to find a gift for your boss this holiday season? Here are our top 10 gift ideas you won’t want to miss!

Buying a gift for your boss can often be a challenging and daunting task. Should you get them something funny? Something sincere? Is alcohol an appropriate in-office gift? What if they don’t like the gift you’ve given them? The list of questions soaring through your mind goes on and on. But buying a gift for your boss this holiday season shouldn’t be something you dread –instead make it something you look forward to!

We’ve put together a list of a few fun gift ideas any boss would be sure to love! But before we go into details, we often hear people asking a two questions:

  1. How much should I spend?
  2. Will I seem like a suck-up if I spend too much? Or a cheap if I spend too little?

Our recommendation is, if possible, to get your team members to all pitch in and go in on a gift together. This way, you don’t feel like you have to spend an arm and a leg yourself on a gift, or worry about if you spent an appropriate amount.

10 Gift Ideas to “Wow” Your Boss This Holiday Season
  1. Personal keurig coffee maker –of course this is for the coffee, tea or hot chocolate lovers crew. Office coffee can sometimes bring down one’s mood on a stressful day. Give your boss the freedom to drink his/her favorite hot beverage anytime, anywhere. You can even throw in a few of his/her favorite k-cups.
  2. Luggage Locator –for the boss who travels a lot. This luggage locator will help your boss stay on-track on their next business trip, easily locating their luggage once they arrive at their destination. It even has an app that can sync up with their smart phone!
  3. Tickets to a game –for the sports enthusiast boss. Let your boss know you appreciate them inside and outside of work by giving them a special night out with their significant other or a friend. Find out their favorite sports team & surprise them with great seats to one of the next games!
  4. LCD eWriter –for the boss who takes a lot of notes (and may not be very organized about it!). No matter where your boss is, they can pull out their handy-dandy LCD eWriter and take notes. This will help them to eliminate clutter on their desk and stay organized all at the same time.
  5. Deco desktop clock or a written reminder clock –for the boss who is retro, and always running late. Help them keep track of time in a fun, yet efficient way. Odds are, if there is a running joke in the office about their timeliness, they will get a good kick out of this one, too!
  6. Virtual keyboard –for the boss who is always on the go. This is one of our favorites and definitely made for the tech-savvy bosses out there! If their current keyboard for their smartphone or tablet is becoming a hassle, consider gifting them with a virtual keyboard. This keyboard allows them to instantly start typing by shooting out a laser to form the keyboard, all the while keeping track of where their fingers are in relation to the keys. Pretty cool, right?
  7. Monogrammed carrying case –for the boss with a lot of stuff (which is every boss, right?!). Who doesn’t love personalized swag? Need I say more?
  8. Mr. Coffee mug warmer –for the boss who is always busy (again, every boss!) and doesn’t get around to finishing their coffee before it turns cold. Help them warm up and enjoy their fresh brew anytime of day.
  9. A fun {personality} desk sign –for the boss with a sense of humor. These are sassy, funny, and come with any saying to fit your boss’ personality.
  10. Zen desk garden –for the stressed out boss. Work can be stressful for everyone, and even more so if you are in charge of other individuals. Get your boss something that will help them quickly get their “chill” back after a stressful day.

We would love to hear your fun gift ideas for your boss. Please feel free to share your ideas in the comments below!

The staff at Brand It Marketing Communications hopes you and your coworkers, families, and friends all have a wonderful upcoming holiday season!

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