Personal Home and Auto Insurance

Coverage for your car, home and other personal insurance needs can save Ohio residents and drivers in many ways! Contact Purmort Brothers Insurance today to learn more or to get a proposal for your family’s car and home insurance needs. We can provide multiple insurance quotes, with different coverage options for several top rated car and home insurance companies.

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance protects your property – both your house and things in it – from losses due to fire, wind, theft and whole lot more. Homeowners Insurance also covers you for property damage or injury to others for which you or other family members may be held legally liable.

There are several standard parts of homeowner insurance coverage, but there are even more ways to customize home insurance policies to make sure you get maximum credits and the right insurance coverage for your Ohio home. We can customize your home insurance policy for home business occupancies, special collections, important art or jewelry, and more.

Farm and Ranch Insurance

Farm and ranch insurance can be tailored to protect the part-time gentleman farmer to the full scale agribusiness. Plans can include protection for your personal and business assets and legal liability insurance for both personal and farming pursuits.

Condo Insurance

Condo Insurance covers your property from the outside walls in, your property both at and sometimes away from your condominium, and provides you with liability insurance as well. Very similar to a homeowner policy, a condo owners’ insurance policy can be customized in a variety of ways depending on your needs. You aren’t required to carry insurance for common areas or the outside of the building, but your condo owners’ association may have special requirements, so it’s a good idea to review those.

Dwelling Fire Insurance

Dwelling Fire Insurance is designed to insure residences you own or have a financial interest in but do not live in. Common situations calling for this type of insurance coverage include rental homes, homes that are vacant because they are temporarily uninhabitable or are not currently occupied because of a transition caused by a sale or relocation. In these situations insurance protection is needed for the building but typically not for any contents. Liability insurance for the property can sometimes be added or may be handled through alternative approaches.

Landlord Package Insurance

Landlord’s face special risks that require special insurance protection. A few examples of losses or exposures that are covered in a Landlord Package Policy include: Loss of rent resulting from an insured loss; Buildings with one or several units; Varied residential or commercial occupancies; Legal liability resulting from the activities of tenants; and Uninsured or under-insured repairmen. Even though Landlord Package Insurance is primarily designed to protect you from loss to rental property it can, and should provide adequate insurance limits to protect your other assets from legal liability arising from rental activities. Even though renting residences to others is a business activity, many insurance companies will treat the renal of 4 or fewer units as a personal insurance matter.

Renters Insurance

One little policy does a lot. A renters policy covers all most all of your personal property in your apartment, and in some cases, out of your rental unit. The insurance extends to your home’s contents and liability for damage to property of others or injury caused to someone by you or a family member. Your policy can be personalized to include greater levels of protection for important property, home office situations, liability for boat ownership.

Home Business

More and more people are working from home or starting home-based businesses. A standard homeowner policy affords limited protection for property and liability risks arising from home business pursuits. We have a range of options and can pick the one that’s right for your business no matter how small, new or established.

Identity Theft

Abduction of your personal information can result in financial loss ranging from a thief draining your bank accounts to new debt from fraudulently opened credit accounts. Protect yourself before you become a victim by taking necessary precautions and insuring potential loss.

Personal Umbrella Insurance

Personal umbrella insurance provides extra coverage above the liability coverage in home, auto and other personal insurance policies. Those policies usually carry liability limits of $100,000 or $300,000, but is that enough? Umbrella insurance adds a layer of coverage of $1 million, $2 million or more, and it isn’t just for the ultra-wealthy.

A short hospital stay can easily exceed $100,000 and long term rehabilitation and loss of income can also get into six-figures quickly. If someone is injured in a car accident and you are at fault, or a guest is injured on your home property, monetary damages can add up quickly. You should think seriously about adding umbrella insurance to your personal insurance coverage if you own a home, have teenage drivers, have a significant income or future earnings potential, own a business or own a boat, RV or motorcycle.

Scheduled Personal Property Insurance

Homeowner insurance coverage extends broad coverage for personal property. But for some types of loss, and for some types of valuable items, homeowner insurance may fall short. Special coverage can be added to your homeowner policy for items like jewelry, art, stamp or coin collections, cameras, furs, sports equipment and more. The extra cost for superior insurance protection is usually nominal.

Trip Cancellation Insurance

Business and personal trips can be cancelled (or delayed, which can be just as bad) for a variety of reasons: airline cancellations or delays, medical emergencies, evacuation, or an illness or death in the family. The costs of trip cancellation can be significant including forfeited deposits and penalties for cancelled hotel and travel reservations. Trip cancellation should be a consideration before undertaking any excursion.

Auto Insurance

All Ohio residents need to protect themselves should their car or truck be damaged or stolen. Even more important is insurance for liability – property damage or injury to others caused by you and other household members as a result of operating a motor vehicle. That’s where the value of an independent insurance agent comes in. We can help you sort out property damage, liability and other car insurance policy features like medical payment reimbursement and reimbursement for injury caused to you by an uninsured or inadequately insured driver.

There are many special situations where you may need to customize your policy; examples include installation of custom audio equipment, business use of your auto and teenage and guest drivers, to name a few.

Purmort Brothers Insurance represents several top rated car insurance companies so we can help you sort through your options and get you multiple auto insurance quotes, all right here in one place.

Classic & Custom Insurance

Not all auto insurance policies are created equal and that is especially sure if you are looking for the right insurance for a restored or collectible vehicle. A standard automobile policy usually pays for vehicle damage under the comprehensive or collision part of the the insurance policy, but claim settlement is usually for actual cash value (ACV) – the cost new less depreciation. Obviously this approach isn’t the best one to take when insuring a classic car.

That’s why our agency recommends special insurance coverage for the stated value of your special automobile or truck.  Contact us today to get started with an insurance policy customized especially to protect your special vehicle.

ATV Insurance

Insurance is not required for your ATV but there are several situations where liability protection you have under other policies may not apply. Some states require insurance for ATVs operated on state-owned land and your homeowner policy may not protect you if you ride off your property. ATV Insurance can fill in these gaps and will reimburse you if your ATV is stolen or badly damaged. ATV Insurance includes Liability, Medical Payments, Comprehensive and Collision coverage, much like an Auto Insurance Policy.

Boat Insurance

Boat insurance isn’t a one-size fits all proposition. At Purmort Brothers Insurance, we understand the way you use your watercraft is different from the way the next boater may use their sail or power boat. Activities such as fishing, water skiing, sailing, or just cruising present different exposures to hull damage, equipment theft and other causes of property loss and legal liability.

Motorcycle Insurance

Most of us in Ohio ride motorcycles for the feeling of freedom. The last thing you need to be shackled with are high motorcycle insurance premiums or worries about adequate protection. Purmort Brothers Insurance can insure your bike with a quality insurance policy at competitive rates because our insurance agency represent several motorcycle insurance companies – we can get you out on the road quickly because we can provide multiple quotes all in one place.

RV Insurance

Your RV is your home on wheels, so it needs special insurance coverage, and Purmort Brothers Insurance has it for you. Your recreational vehicle may be a camper, trailer, or a motor home – it doesn’t matter – we have the right insurance coverage for you because, as an independent insurance agent, we represent several RV insurance companies and can prepare several insurance quotes for your consideration.

You can also choose from several optional insurance coverages like: roadside assistance, emergency assistance, custom equipment coverage and more. And of course, RV insurance includes all the standard insurance protection you expect in an auto insurance policy.

Snowmobile Insurance

Liability insurance for snowmobiles is similar to liability on a car insurance policy. It provides insurance coverage if you injure someone while riding your snowmobile as well as property damage you may cause in an accident. Physical damage and comprehensive insurance coverage respond if your insured snowmobile is damaged, either in an accident (physical damage insurance) or by, say a falling tree (comprehensive).

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