A New Year & Our Favorites From 2019

Twenty Twenty

2020 holds so many opportunities and will be quite the year for the Brand It team. We have exciting things planned and at the top of the list is continued growth. We have added new employees who bring added creativity and talent. Throughout the year, we will be digging a little deeper into just whom our team is and what it is that makes each of them so talented.

As we continue to grow internally, our client list does as well. We can’t wait to see what projects our current and new clients will request and where our team will take those opportunities.

As we dive headfirst into the New Year, we felt it was best to take a look back at all that 2019 brought to us.

Twyla’s Favorite Project in Twenty Nineteen

Twyla’s favorite project in 2019 was for A&L Great Lakes Laboratories.

A&L Great Lakes Laboratories is an agricultural testing laboratory in Fort Wayne, Indiana that contacted us to create something fresh and interesting for their trade shows.

Augmented Reality Mailer


We met the challenge and proposed Augmented Reality AR as a solution. This was one of Twyla’s favorites because it was different and fun to create. The client was receptive and excited about the project and allowed us the freedom to do what we do best. It is rewarding to partner with a client who lets us create.

For those who may not be familiar with the term Augmented Reality – it is blending the real world into an interactive digital experience. While it is not necessarily a new concept, it is something that consumers will be viewing more of in the next decade.

For A&L Great Lakes Laboratories, we utilized this video by having it on a banner stand that is displayed at their trade shows, as well as a postcard that they could send home with those who stopped by their booth. The postcard can also be used in the future for mailings.

One idea. Multiple uses. This is our favorite thing – when you get true longevity and mileage out of your marketing pieces.

To see a short video on how the Augmented Reality marketing pieces work, press play below.


Want to try it out for yourself?

Type into your mobile browser website search bar. Hold your phone over the image below, click scan and watch the worm come to life before your eyes.

Augmented Reality Mailer


If you are interested in trying something like this for your next trade show, please reach out to us today. We would love to brainstorm how you can be on the cutting edge of marketing by incorporating Augmented Reality.


Twyla’s Twenty Twenty Marketing Tip

Twyla’s top marketing tip for the New Year — Partner with your marketing agency. The best marketing solutions happen when we partner with clients who let us use our talents and skills within their budget.

Outside of Work

Not only did Brand It Marketing experience growth in 2019, but Twyla’s own family saw growth in 2019 as well as they welcomed two new beautiful babies into the world. Faith and family are very important to her and she loved adding these babies, as well as being part of the growth of Brand It Marketing.


Twyla and the rest of the Brand It Marketing team wish you much success in the new year!

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