Office Equipment to Keep Employees Fit and More Productive

Do you find yourself feeling tired, worn out, and without energy after a long day of work in the office? Are you constantly sitting in front of a computer throughout the day? We know firsthand that working in an office environment can make staying fit throughout the workday seem challenging –next to impossible even– but it doesn’t have to be.

There are a multitude of ways in which you can stay fit while working in an office environment. And today we are here to share those tips and tricks with you, as well as a few pieces of office equipment that have fit junkies ranting and raving.

5 Pieces of Office Equipment that Encourage Fitness

  1. Gaiam Balance Chair or Exercise Ball – Use your exercise ball and/or Gaiam Balance Chair both as a seat or for other exercise activities throughout the day as you take your much needed 10-15 minute “brain break” to re-energize. Not only will this help to keep your core engaged and improve your posture, but it will also help to keep your mind focused.
  2. Standing Desk – It’s been proven that sitting for 8+ hours a day isn’t good for your mind or body. So what’s the alternative? Standing, of course. Standing throughout the day is said to reduce the risk for obesity and back pain while improving one’s mood.
  3. Walking Desk – Otherwise known as a “treadmill desk.” This handy invention can help keep your legs moving, calories burning, and brain boosting with creativity throughout the day.
  4. Resistance Bands – These can easily be used to stretch and build muscles throughout the day. During your lunch break or 15 minute morning/afternoon break, take the time to recharge and stretch your body. This can improve blood flow to the brain, while keeping your body awake and ready to tackle your next project.
  5. FitDesk – “It’s a bike. It’s a desk. It’s a bike desk!” Deemed one of the best alternatives to sitting all day, this desk will have employees pedaling to the finishing line. Take turns working AND getting in your rounds across the bike path (not literally, of course) with the FitDesk. Easily secure your laptop to the “bike desk” and pedal away without missing a minute of work.

Switching from a seated desk to a standing desk, or adding in stretches throughout the workday, can help employees burn anywhere from 2 to 5 times more calories throughout the day. What does this mean in return for you, as an employer? Healthier employees and lower insurance costs in the long run.

A few other ways in which employees can remain active throughout the day is by walking or biking to work, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, taking an easy 30 minute walk on their lunch break, and incorporating healthy snacks into their eating routine.

The Importance of Brain Breaks

Aside from incorporating “fit” office equipment into your environment, it’s important to ensure you always take time for yourself throughout the day. Studies show that individuals who take 10-15 minute “brain breaks” every hour can dramatically improve one’s ability to focus on prolonged tasks. Likewise, constant movement throughout the day (such as sitting on an exercise ball or using a walking desk) can help to foster creativity and keep employees from becoming mentally stagnant.

Have some “Office Fit Tips” of your own to share? Please email them to or share in the comments and we would be happy to include them in a future blog post!

PS We found some more fun “office chairs” that can be used in meeting rooms, personal desk, and even outside the office. Check out these fun chair ideas that promote fitness here!

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