Planning for a new website?

When first meeting with clients, we oftentimes get asked questions about how the website development process works.

“Will the process be simple?”
“What’s expected of me?”
“Do you help write copy or is that something I need to do on my own?”
“How long does the process take?”

We understand the idea of developing a new website (from scratch) or redesigning a current website can be a little overwhelming at first. We also understand that this is an important investment into your future as a business. This is why we outline with every client and potential client just how the process works – from the start. So, let’s take a moment to look at what you can expect when working with a company, like Brand It, to develop a new website.

I’m interested in a new website. How do I get started?

At Brand It, we start the process with a consultation and website analysis. At this consultation, we review all marketing assets such as printed materials, tradeshow displays, signage, digital marketing pieces and your current website, if one is available. We give you the opportunity to share concerns, challenges and your marketing goals. We listen to your vision for your business and pay attention to every detail as you speak of your customers and the challenges that the customers may face when using your product or service. We learn everything we can about you and your business – not just because it’s good business practice – but because it’s how we identify pain points that need addressed.

What can I expect?

Once approved, most of our website productions can be broken into the following steps:

  • Step 1 – Website Hosting and Administrative Panel Access
  • Step 2 – Site map and website mockup approval
  • Step 3 – Content gathering
  • Step 4 – Website design and programming
  • Step 5 – Proof site and alterations
  • Step 6 – Website launch
  • Step 7 – 1-hour training on how to maintain the new website

After the initial meeting and website build approval, our team of creative professionals and expert problem solvers start to develop a plan of attack. We create a site map that illustrates the path we want the website user to take. We identify areas of content that need to be included or picked up from existing websites or marketing materials. It’s at this time that we also make a check list of roles and responsibilities for the client and the Brand It team.

Once the site map is created and any special technology needs are identified (intranet, e-forms, photo galleries, video embeds etc.), our team sits down to design a website mockup – so you can see what the homepage and inside page experience would be like, and how the pages should function. This helps ensure we have an efficient and seamless process for all parties involved.

Next, we focus on content gathering. This means copy, photos, and any other details we may need to include on the website. This is usually a working process between Brand It and the client. Once we have all content gathered, our amazing team of web developers begin the website build.

Each website is tested and proofed on a secure site, then sent on to our client for review. Once all parties are happy, and approval is gained, we GO LIVE.

What happens after the website is launched?

Once the website is launched, we conduct training with the client and instruct how changes can be made to the website by your own staff, if you should wish to have website updates made internally. While Brand It is capable and more than happy to help make website updates for clients (and do for many), we believe it’s important to us as marketing professionals to never prevent our client from accessing their website. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible and always provide a positive working experience to all of our clients.

Are you interested in a new website? Would you like an audit of how your current website is performing? Click here to set up your own consultation with a Brand It team member.


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