Whether you like it or not, your customers are online. And they’re talking about you. Be it good or bad, there will always be users online –rating, reviewing and giving their 2-cents about a company’s products and services. Which is why it is vital that you are online actively managing the feedback and letting your customers know that you care.

What is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management is a strategy and process of monitoring, identifying, and influencing your company’s digital reputation and credibility online.

Managing your reputation online is a critical part of any strategy. When dealt with in a timely manner, comments and complaints can be dealt with effectively and/or controlled. Instant feedback demonstrates high levels of customer service and can effectively diffuse negative situations. Such a visible demonstration of strong customer service and problem resolution can have a very powerful effect.

5 Benefits of Online Reputation Management Strategies

Here are 5 reasons active online reputation management is a must for companies in today’s digital world.

  1. 65% of customers come from online referrals. Actively managing customer feedback (both good and bad), can help to build your referral list and trust with current and potential customers who are searching online.
  2. It will help your SEO. Did you know that customer reviews have an impact in where you rank in search engines? In fact, reviews are one of the top 20 factors when it comes to SEO and rankings. Reviews are something you CAN control and actively manage!
  3. It improves your brand and builds credibility. Staying actively engaged in online reputation management helps build a positive morale with customers for your brand.
  4. People are 4x more likely to buy from a company who has positive reviews. Build that review list and increase sales.
  5. It can give you FREE marketing materials. Those online/positive comments listed under your “reviews” tab can make for perfect testimonials on your next marketing piece! Be it brochures, graphics, etc, turn those positive comments into your best-selling marketing materials.

Although you don’t always have the power to control what social media users say about your company, you do have the power to control what you do about it and how you respond to it. A quick response is much better than no response at all. Remember, your customers are online and they will talk about you whether you are online or not. So be reactive and provide them with the best customer service they could ever ask for.

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