Should my business be on Instagram?

Should my business be on Instagram?

From the boom in popularity of Instagram stories, to the sudden rise in advertising capabilities, Instagram is a tool businesses can leverage for success. When used properly, Instagram can be a effective tool to help your business reach it’s highest potential.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social networking app owned by Facebook. It’s made for sharing photos and videos from a smartphone. What’s nice about Instagram? It’s visual, but allows you to do multiple things on one platform. Over the past few years, and especially the past few months, Instagram has been evolving so that you can use it on a personal level or for your business.

5 Hot tips for using Instagram for your business

If you’re unsure on how your business can properly utilize Instagram – don’t fear! We have 5 tips that will help you get started on your road to success with this popular mobile social platform.

  1. Create a winning profile – Make sure graphics are branded/page is properly branded and connected with website/all other sites
  2. Share valuable content – After you have your winning profile set up, you may find yourself asking, “okay, now what do I do? What type of content do I share with my followers?” There are several ways you can use this platform to get your word out.
    • Humanize brand by sharing pictures of what’s going on in the office / behind the scenes, showcase products and include any special promotions you are running.
    • How do you do this? By sharing visually appealing images, interacting with customers and other brands, and utilizing short video with tools such as boomerang and hyperlapse.
  3. Start using hashtags and stories
    • No more than 6 hashtags per Instagram post and keep it relevant to the photo you’re sharing
    • Stories – share coupon only in your Instagram story which can help you track how people are getting your message and how many sales came from Instagram
  4. Sharing across multiple platforms – Instagram allows you to automatically share the content you are posting to your Instagram page to other social media networks, such as Facebook. Clients often ask us if this is something they should take advantage of.We always recommend analyzing your content before automatically sharing it across multiple platforms. Why? Because Instagram has a very different audience base than other social platforms, so you always want to ensure that your content is relevant to that specific platform’s target market. What you’re sharing with your Instagram followers may not be relevant to your Facebook followers and vice versa.There will be some cases where you share the same information across multiple platforms. It’s important to know, however, that not ALL information should be shared across ALL platforms because your target audiences may vary.
  5.  Review the analytics – With a business profile, you can analyze how your content is doing – who you are reaching, when they’re online, what content they are engaging with, etc. This helps you determine what content your followers enjoy and engage with, and also helps you track your return on investment.

Have additional questions on how you can utilize Instagram for your business? Please send us a message at – we’d love to chat!

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