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One of my favorite platforms for social media is Instagram. While I can be found, more often than not, on Facebook, Instagram feeds a part of my short attention span that no other social media platform has come close to touching.

As a foodie, techie, fitness-junkie, and all-around curious gal, I use IG (that’s what the cool kids call it) to give a peek into my life. Running, lifting weights, food prepping, event attendance, product reviews and puppy pictures, it’s all there for the viewing. That’s just my corner of IG.  There’s a whole new avenue for businesses to capture the attention of followers. But the question remains, “Should I?”

With the ability to utilize hashtags, being found easily is…well, EASY. Beyond following your friends and family, my recommendation is to follow BRANDS. Oreo has some of the best examples of video and photography. Talk about product awareness! Crayola is another brand that has creative uses of social media. Sports teams, restaurants, magazines, celebrities, retailers, manufacturers, fitness gurus, running events, musicians and festivals all use IG with ease. IG gives you the ability to show your personality, behind the scenes, human element of your online persona or business.

You can reach your customers in ways you never even thought of.  The question quickly turns into “Why shouldn’t I?”

Tips on using IG:

  1. Double tap on a photo that you follow to “Like” it.
  2. Use photos from your camera roll to upload into IG. Crop from within the app, apply filters available within the app.
  3. Download apps like IG’s LAYOUT, WordSwag, Rhonna Designs and PicStitch to help amp up your Instagram Game. (Lots of free apps! Share with us your favorite!) You can also use free web sources like and to adjust images.
  4. Use Hashtags. Hashtags increase your ability to be seen. If you’re hesitant about using them, GOOGLE IT.  “Popular food truck hashtags.” “Fitness Hashtags” “Business Hashtags”. You have the internet at your disposal. #YouAreWelcome
  5. NEW! When you find an IG account you want to follow, tap on the three vertical dots at the top to “Turn on Post Notifications.” You will receive an update any time that specific accounts post an update.
  6. BREAKING NEWS AS OF TODAY!: IG is rolling out 1080 x 1080 uploads for high-quality viewing.


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