The Brand It Team

Our passion for branding and design drives who we are and what we do. Every day.

At Brand It Marketing, we are an established team of innovative designers, thinkers and creative strategists focused on helping your business grow. We seamlessly bring together the right blend of strategic and creative skills to give your brand a competitive advantage. Our focus is to make your brand our priority and provide creative marketing results.

We believe that strong business identities tell meaningful brand stories.

Our passion for branding and design drives who we are and what we do. Every day.

Twyla Hayes

Founder / Creative Director

Drawing is a must to our Founder and Creative Director, Twyla. Even with contemporary design technology at her fingertips, Twyla sketches everything out at the beginning of a design project and never goes to the computer first. Why? Because it is never about what font or what color. It is always about the idea first. Twyla’s roots in the design world run deep, and she carries that knowledge with her to both our team and clients.

Michelle Hill

Office Administrator

Michelle is more than our numbers person. She oversees proofing, orders, handles our clients’ promotional product needs and much more. She always has a pulse on what’s happening with each and every client that steps through our door and our team isn’t afraid to admit that she is often the glue that holds our office together and keeps us all on task… We don’t mess with Michelle.

Leanna Schulze

Senior Graphic Designer

Leanna is creative, thorough and fast. She always knows what she’s doing and “just does it.” She received her degree in Advertising and Graphic Design from the Columbus College of Art and Design, so don’t let this small town girl fool you, she can hang with the big dogs! Leanna is always making sure our team is up-to-date on the latest graphic design trends and encouraging our clients to take their brand to the next level.

Rachel Hayes

Senior Marketing Project Manager

Rachel is our digital marketing expert with a knack for social media, copywriting and seeing projects through from start to finish. Her passion lies in developing deep relationships with our clients and learning the ins and outs of their business to take their marketing to the next level. She brings the sunshine with her wherever she goes and applies that positivity in our office and with our clients.

Bri Kaup

Graphic Designer

Bri brings to our team and clients a dual background in marketing and graphic design. She has a passion for designing and bringing clients’ visions to life. Her love for creative marketing, organization and constant learning is the perfect addition to our team. Bri has a heart of gold and does an extraordinary job of keeping the bar held high for all our clients’ expectations.

Paige Wenning

Digital Marketing Specialist / Project Manager

Paige is an avid-learner when it comes to digital marketing. She brings our team a fresh perspective on all of the online trends – from social media to Google ads – and isn’t afraid to jump in and help where needed. She has a go-getter personality, is always willing and ready to take the lead on projects and fits in perfectly with the rest of our team. If something needs done, Paige is always willing and ready to figure it out!

Lindsey Youngpeter

Graphic Designer

With a background in Industrial Design, Lindsey’s skill set offers something new, fresh and innovative for our team and clients. Her experience working with 3D product models, CAD files and engineering teams makes for a unique pairing with her Graphic Design skills. From developing large-scale graphics for university athletic spaces to her knack for creative brainstorming.

Kristin Heuker

Web Designer

With a background in both Graphic Design and Web Development, Kristin brings the best of both worlds into her role as our Web Designer. Not only does she build websites that are eye-catching, but she also enjoys the strategy behind the design. Whether she’s starting with a blank canvas or giving websites a quick refresh – every site Kristin touches is a breath of fresh air.

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