What Is Marketing, Anyways?

men looking at phone for social media while drinking a coffeeMarketing – a term that people often hear, but aren’t always sure what it means.

We sometimes hear people ask, “Okay, you’re a marketing agency… but what exactly do you market?’ In this blog post, we will talk a little bit about what marketing is and HOW we help market YOU!

Marketing Defined

Marketing is most often referred to as the process of teaching your customers why they should choose your products or services over your competitor’s.

How We Market YOU!

Before we take on a project, we like to sit down, listen and hear the potential client’s brand story. If the potential client doesn’t feel they have a defined brand story, we listen to various objectives or goals they may have as a business, and talk through different elements regarding their business.

Everyone has a brand, even if it isn’t planned.

If a new or current client does not have a defined brand story or message, we work with them to help them (1) develop their brand story/message and (2) relay that message in a clear, defined manner to their customers – whether it’s through social media and website initiatives, or print materials and campaigns. Our focus is to help our clients make sure their message is reaching the right customers at the right time.

If you’re interested in setting up a meeting to discuss YOUR brand story – or any other marketing materials – please send us an email at or visit our services page to learn more.

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