One thing we have all learned over the last 7 weeks is that things are constantly changing and there are still a lot of unknowns for businesses.

When will things return to “normal”?
When will I be able to open my doors to the public?
When can I meet with clients/customers in person again?
How can I continue to serve my customers when I can’t meet with them face-to-face?

…and the list goes on.

While we are all operating under a new “normal”, there are ways in which you can still serve and connect with your clients during these changing times – social media and digital marketing.

5 Ways to Stay Connected with Customers on Social Media

  1. Continue posting helpful (and relevant) content. Continue to serve your customers as you have over the years. What are the common questions your customers continuously ask you? What are customers typically most interested in? Continue sharing content that touches on those topics.
  2. Address the COVID-19 pandemic and share your response actions. There is no way around this anymore – the COVID-19 pandemic is very real and it has hit hard for many businesses. If you’re feeling confused – trust us, you’re not alone. Your customers are also confused and facing uncertainty! Be open and transparent with your audience online. Let them know how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected your business (ie: store hours, etc – not financials) and how you are working around these changes and continuing to serve your community and customers.
  3. Be transparent with the public. This piggybacks off of tip #2 above. Be honest and transparent with your audience. Are you unsure of when you can reopen your doors to the public? Let them know this and that you’re continuously monitoring when and how you can reopen. The safety of your employees and customers should also be a top concern – let them know that.
  4. Continue to engage with other businesses and organizations. We could all use a little extra love and support during these times of uncertainty. As Ohio and other states begin to slowly reopen, continue to show other businesses and organizations that you are here for them. Like, comment and share their posts as you are able to. This can help increase their brand awareness and build a stronger community. Not sure how to do this? Send us a message here.
  5. Spread kindness and joy – not the corona. Last, but not least, try to keep a positive mindset and share that positivity with others.

And of course, if you or any of your employees have found yourself with extra time on your hands, work on tackling that to-do list that is always lingering. Maybe it’s time to review the content on your website, start writing some blogs for content + SEO, coming up with a list of FAQ’s for future content, or just organizing your office space – either way, make the most of your extra time so that when all of this passes, you can start up again feeling focused and ready to go.

PS One final tip – if you own a retail business – post post post! Share your products online with your followers through photos and live videos. People are spending more time online now more than ever and they are craving content. Share what you have with them!

Have questions on how you can enhance your marketing efforts during this time? Click here to set up a call with our team.