It is really hard for Liz to pinpoint one project as her favorite from 2019. Brand It was able to build upon the video success from the previous year and our clients really trusted us to tell their stories.

Being first and foremost a photographer, Liz loves capturing people in their natural environment. Brand It was welcomed onto farms, workrooms, factories and backstage. We’ve climbed into a peanut combine, watched cotton being picked for the first time, sat shotgun in a semi truck and went on countless other adventures.

Here are some of Liz’s favorites:

Georgia with Advanced Biological Marketing

Coming from a farming communit,y but not personally having a ton of farming background, Liz was excited to dig a little deeper into what all ABM has to offer. Alongside the standard product shots for their website and catalog, she was able to capture headshots for their entire sales team.

We got a last minute call asking if we could go to Georgia in time to catch the peanuts being harvested. Did you know peanuts grew underground? Prior to this trip, Liz did not!

Besides riding along in the peanut combine, Liz also ate her first collard greens. Being able to stand in a cotton field with all the Georgia red dirt is not something an Ohio native gets to do that often.

You can see our video from the trip here: 

Mercer Residential Services Inc.

MRSI is a local service that provides adult day services and housing for people with cognitive disabilities. Telling the stories of the dedicated staff was a really powerful thing. Liz doesn’t think she’ll ever forget the way one employee said, “ we’re all disabled in some way; some of us it’s just more visible than others.”

We have so much respect for the work that the MRSI team does and highly recommend you check them out if you’re looking for a more rewarding career. You can view their career opportunities we worked on for them below – this was such a fun and rewarding project to be apart of.

Mercer County Fair

The Mercer County Fair week was so much fun. It’s been about 6 months and Liz just now may be ready for another lemonade shake up.

We kicked off the week with concerts featuring Phil Vassar, Montgomery Gentry, We are Messengers and Crowder.

The fair was full of animals, tractors, food and the return of the demolition derby!! You guys have no idea how much people LOVE the demo derby!

If you want to see more of our week at the fair, we encourage you to check them out on social media by clicking here. You can also view more photos on their website, by clicking here.

Village of Rockford

2020 is an exciting year for Rockford as they celebrate their 200th Birthday. This meant 2019 was full of preparations. Being from a neighboring community, Liz enjoyed getting to know more about the village she works in.

Their history museum is full of wonders and stories of the people that make up this great community.

If you’re interested in joining in on any of their fun this year, you can see the full schedule here:

Alliance Automation

Custom built automation and a really great internal culture really sums up who Alliance Automation is.

We updated their website and were able to utilize a ton of video footage throughout their entire site. As video continues to gain momentum within the marketing world, their site truly is on the cutting edge of that modern technology.

We’ve completed quite a few other video and photo projects for Alliance Automation that showcase customer success, demonstration videos and videos that are used as recruiting tools.

Twenty Twenty

In the coming year, Liz is most looking forward to the projects that we get to complete as a team. Last year was such a great year; we have built a good foundation with some great local companies. As the Brand It team continues to grow – we are able to bring more success to our clients.

Liz loves telling the clients’ stories — all the places she gets to explore is an added bonus.

Her one piece of marketing advice is to know and really understand whom it is you are marketing yourself towards. When you can clearly define whom you are speaking to, the message becomes a lot clearer. Going into a video shoot with an overall message is fine, but allowing the customer/client/employee to authentically speak about their experience will yield you the best results. You can then tailor your marketing message to flow with the footage you captured.

Every business has a story to tell. Partnering with a good marketing agency can help you effectively convey the message your business wants to tell.