We are heading into the start of week 5 of working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic. The past few weeks have continued to be both challenging, unique and full of heavy to-do lists. Our team is grateful for the opportunity to continue to serve our clients and community to help their brands stand out during this unprecedented time.

While members of our team have worked from home before, working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic can sometimes feel like a whole new world.

It’s sudden.
It’s for an unprecedented amount of time.
Some of us have spouses and children to work around.
We can’t socialize in person. At all.

The good thing is we are all in the same boat. We are not alone, we are in this together.

While this time can be challenging, we truly believe there are steps you can take to ensure you have a productive work from home experience – despite everything going on in our society right now. Our team is here to share some of our favorite work from home tips + inspiration for you today. We hope these tips will ensure you’re successful in both getting your work done and maintaining your mental well-being. Enjoy!

Working from Home Tips – From Our Team to Yours

  1. Get Dressed. I’d say my biggest tip for sanity and productivity is to get ready for the day as if you are going into the office. That means to take a shower when you normally would (night or morning) and get dressed in a way you wouldn’t be embarrassed should there be a last-minute conference call. 🙂 This might be a simple tip, but it’s a crucial one. Something simple – like changing your clothes – can signal to yourself that it’s time to start the workday + boost your productivity levels. Also, turn off the news. – Leanna, Graphic Designer
  2. Stick to a Routine. That’s actually my best tip also – I still get up at my regular time, get my workout in, shower and have breakfast. I try to get to work (at my kitchen table) before getting the kids out of bed. This ensures it is nice and quiet. When I get up at my normal time I can get so much accomplished (without the drive time which is a PLUS!). Oh, AND – I still drink my water from water bottles at home so I ensure to get in enough water! This is actually one of the hardest things being at home for me – which makes no sense since it’s RIGHT there. – Michelle, Office Manager
  3. Take Breaks and Set Boundaries. Don’t forget to take quick breaks throughout the workday to keep yourself motivated and your mind fresh. Stand up, walk around, take your eyes off the computer for a few minutes. Then grab a cup of water or coffee (or whatever your beverage of choice is during working hours) and get back into your groove. I also think it’s best to try to “turn things off” at the end of the day to keep home-life and work-life separate. If you’re working from home – especially if it’s for an indefinite period of time – it can be challenging to know when to start and when to stop. You’ll perform best if you put your work away, recharge and start the next day with a fresh mind. – Rachel, Project Manager / Social Media Manager
  4. Prioritize Your Work. My tip is to prioritize what is most important and then make a physical list. When working from home interruptions are going to happen which makes it extra important to be able to quickly visualize what task you’re on and what needs to happen next. If your business has a project management tool, this will help. Sometimes it’s also nice to write down a physical list of what needs to be accomplished and in what order each day. Sometimes it just feels good to take pen to paper and cross things off your to-do list. Also – I highly recommend having a designated place to work from so you’re not tempted to lay on the couch with a blanket. 🙂 – Liz, Photographer/Videographer
  5. Stay Connected and Clean Your Work Space. Stay connected to coworkers via video and phone conference to stay focused on projects. It can be challenging to go from seeing your coworkers every day to not seeing them at all. Connecting with them each day will not only improve productivity and help keep projects moving, but it will also bring back some of the casual interactions you may be missing from not being in the office with others. Also – try cleaning your workspace (preferably the night before so it doesn’t cut into your focused workday). A nice, clean, non-distracting workspace helps set the tone for the day. – Twyla, Owner / Creative Director
  6. Stay Focused and Find the Right Music. Make sure your house is picked up/chores complete the night before so you’re not distracted during the day (I can’t focus unless my house is in order). Like Twyla said, picking it up the night before ensures you start the day with a fresh, clean workspace and perspective. I always like to choose a designated work spot as well. This helps you stay organized with few distractions. Music can also set the tone for the workday. I personally ask Alexa to play ‘relaxing music’, and when the weather is nice I open all the windows and play beach music! – Bri, Graphic Designer
  7. Have Kids at Home? Take Advantage of Free Time to Stay Productive! Do as much as I can in sprinting bouts while attempting to maintaining sanity. It’s a fine line… very fine line 😀 – Kent, Web Developer / Graphic Designer

This work from home surge we are all experiencing is something that has never been seen before – not on a scale like we seeing now. Never before have workers telecommuted on such a broad scale. Millions of people are now working from home for an unprecedented period of time. Our team wants to make sure you have the tools and inspiration you need to stay productive. Together, we can surge forward and get through this.

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