2017 End of the Year Checklist

End of the Year Checklist

Helpful tips brought to you by Rachel and Marie – Social Media Managers at Brand It Marketing.

  • Change passwords for your email, social media and/or bank accounts. Always keep your passwords updated and your accounts secured.
    • Consider incorporating applications such as Last Pass or 1Password that will help you store and manage all of your passwords.
  • Clear out your voice mail / email.
  • Check inventory of office supplies, stationery, etc. Stock up on printer paper, ink, sticky notes, pens, staples, and the like. A fully stocked cupboard of inventory will help you feel prepared to tackle the New Year.
  • File and archive electronic and paper documents & catch up on administrative tasks.
  • Update your resume/Linkedin profile. Make sure you have any new acquired skills and organizations listed.
    • Did you join a service club or volunteer organization?
    • Become a Board Member?
    • Receive new certifications?
  • De-clutter. Start the new year off right, by having a clean workspace to come back to.
  • Go through your electronic and paper address book. Evaluate contacts and back them-up so you don’t lose them.
  • Conduct performance reviews and analyze wage increases and promotions. Let your employees know you appreciate them, and also ensure honest feedback to help them and your company continue to grow and excel.
  • Check your website for mobile responsiveness, accurate content and check that it meets current web standards.
  • Start a blog. Whether it’s starting slow at 1 blog per month, or diving in headstrong with 4-8 per month, it’s important to start branding yourself as a helpful resource to your current and potential customers.
  • Assess your social media and marketing strategies.

As your trusted marketing partner, we know this list may seem a little overwhelming. Let us help you in preparing for the upcoming year – give us a call at 419-363-2817.

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