Have you ever wondered what the best tactics are to increase your following on your social channels? Making sure that your marketing strategy and social media platforms are all consistent with your company’s branding is the first step. To attract more social media followers, begin by creating engaging content and interacting with your audience.

Content Strategies to Enhance Your Socials

Social media users want to consume content that is interesting and engaging. This can be done through graphics, GIFs, or videos that are consistent with your company’s branding. You could share an educational video that describes how your business has come to be or a work anniversary graphic celebrating one of your employee’s hard work over the years. Better yet, you could create a GIF with facts about a specific product or service that your company offers. This type of content engages your current audience while setting the stage to better interact with potential followers. When sharing engaging content, your current followers are more likely to interact with the posts that intrigue them. In doing so, your content and accounts can pop up for your followers’ mutual friends that have not yet been exposed to your page. Sharing compelling content can lead to increased exposure to new audiences and, in turn, bring in new followers.

Implement social media giveaways. Design your giveaways so that users interact with the giveaway post in a variety of ways that encourage exposure. While there are often only a few winners in a giveaway, the company is exposed to new geographic and demographic audiences throughout the resharing and interaction of the giveaway. Seems like a win-win, doesn’t it?

Invest in paid advertising. For example, Facebook and Google Ads are a rather small investment for the ROI they present. Not only will paid advertising increase your social media following, but it will also drive traffic back to your website. Taking the time to brainstorm and properly schedule paid advertising on Facebook or Google will prove to be a low-cost investment for improved results.

Search engine optimization (SEO) and keyword lists. Including similar keywords on your socials will be beneficial for SEO. When someone searches one of the keywords that your website and social media utilize, your company will appear as a search result. For more information on SEO and keyword lists, head to our blog The Definition of SEO + Why Having a Keyword List is Important.

Do you understand how to gain social media followers but are looking for a strategy? We have experts for that!