5 Hot Tips for LinkedIn Company Pages

What is LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a social platform that allows you to explore companies you’re interested in, get the latest company updates and industry news, and learn about new job opportunities.

Top 10 LinkedIn Company Pages

At the end of July, LinkedIn announced the top 10 company pages for the year.  These are 10 companies who are leveraging this platform to their advantage.  These companies exemplify great LinkedIn best practices for their business. Many refer to LinkedIn as an online resume – but we are here to share our hot tips for LinkedIn in five minutes or less.

5 Tips to Enhance Your Company LinkedIn Page

  1. Created a complete and branded company page.
    1. This reinforces your marketing from other areas on this platform
    2. It provides a fantastic opportunity for you to promote products and services, recruit top talent, and share important, interesting, and useful updates
    3. Anyone with a company name and company email address can create a LinkedIn Company Page within minutes
    4. Having a fully filled out profile, as well as sharing helpful articles can positively impact your SEO
  2. Know your audience and seek to be genuinely helpful.
    1. Your top blog posts serve as great content to share
    2. Make sure you are sharing highly valuable content that people are searching for
    3. Less sales, more solutions and relationship building
    4. Have clear calls-to-action and engage in conversation
    5. Evaluate your content regularly to know what content is performing well
  3. Use relevant imagery.
    1. Visual graphics hold more value than a headline
    2. Encourage employees to get involved in the content sharing process to extend reach and increase engagement
    3. Move past the stock photography – use original images when possible and properly brand the graphics with your logo/information
  4. Analytics
    1. We’ve talked about analytics before – it’s a huge player in ROI
    2. Review the analytics on specific posts to help determine what’s working and what’s not
    3. You can gain insight on geographical and employment details of your followers
    4. Use analytics tools to see what your competition is up to and how they are utilizing the channel
  5. Promote
    1. Word of mouth – if you don’t ask your customers to follow you, they are less likely to stumble upon your page. Make sure you are also including social links on your website – YOUR HUB!
    2. Paid advertising – You may feel you’ve done everything right, and are getting exhausted. It may be worth putting a few dollars into LinkedIn advertising to target your ideal audience. Do some testing and see what works best for YOUR business.

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for your business – when utilized properly. Make sure you set up your company profile and stay active on the channel.

Have further questions on LinkedIn for businesses? Feel free to send us an email at – we would love to chat!

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