How to Get More Social Exposure

If you’ve been managing a business Facebook page, it’s very likely that you may have seen a drop in the amount of views, reach and engagement over the past several years. Don’t worry – you’re not alone! Why the sudden change in how many people are seeing your posts? There are two main reasons.

2 Reasons Your Social Posts are Getting Less Exposure

  1. We’re sure you could guess this one – but the amount of content being put on Facebook (and the internet in general) is immense. Suddenly bloggers and businesses have to FIGHT to get users to read their content.
  2. Because of this immense increase in online content, Facebook is trying their best to only show relevant content to users, rather than showing them ALL the content from their followers.

4 Tips for Increasing Social Exposure

  1. Don’t just set it and forget it. When you set up your business Facebook profile, make sure you are active on your business account. Rather than setting your account up, and not sharing anything on it, do your best to share relevant information and unique content with your followers.
  2. Put your social links on your website AND in your email signature. Adding social icons that link back to your social media pages will allow your current and potential customers another avenue to find you online. In turn, this will help to organically increase the amount of people you are reaching across the board. Want to know something else that’s pretty cool? Once you have those buttons linked, you can track how many people are clicking on those links!
  3. Respond to customer interaction. When you find people commenting on your posts, make sure you are reciprocating their efforts and engaging with them as well. This means either (1) liking their comments or (2) responding to their comments. Let them know you care about their opinions and value them as customers. Likewise, do your best to engage with other businesses by tagging them in relevant posts and commenting/sharing their posts when applicable. Why? This can help to increase exposure and build community morale. It’s a win-win for everyone!
  4. Encourage participation. The best way to gain more social exposure organically is to encourage participation. Make sure you ASK for participation (comments, feedback, etc) at times and have clear calls-to-actions for your customers.

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