Picking Colors and Fonts for Your Brand

There have been numerous – and very extensive – studies performed exploring the effects that colors have on our mood and decision making. For example:

  • The calming effects of blues
  • The sense of urgency in red
  • And the power of a yellow price tag to imply a bargain.

These influences are hard to ignore considering how deeply colors are incorporated into our lives; from the clothes we wear to the food we eat. Nearly every aspect of our lives is filled with color. Whether we acknowledge these influences, or not, the endless array of color is speaking to us in one way or another.

But What About Fonts?

The same can be said about fonts. There are countless selections of fonts to choose from and each font has the power to influence the way a message is interpreted. From a strong and bold sans serif to a light and whimsical handwritten script, each font expresses the message in its own individual way.

Because of the depth in which fonts and colors can influence our perceptions, taking the time to pick the right colors and fonts for your business can make all the difference.

Colors and Fonts in Application

Take a monster truck rally and a ballet, for example. Would you use the same colors and fonts to promote the two events? We think not. Nor do we believe a hospital and a coffee shop should be branded using the same typography and color treatments. Each of the two examples have very different goals and messages to convey. For each of those examples to correctly communicate their message requires using a different set of colors and font choices from the other.

It’s important that you, as a business, capitalize on the appropriate use of colors and fonts to help define an identity that is unique to you and your brand.

Always make sure you have a cohesive quality between all aspects of your business. The colors and fonts you choose play a major role in bringing a unifying voice to your business’ identity – which is especially useful when it comes time to market your business.

Want to see some real-life examples of fonts and colors in action? Click here to visit our portfolio page.

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