What Does “Unique” or “Evergreen” Content Mean?

Let’s talk CONTENT!

What is Content?

Content can be defined as “something that is expressed through some medium, such as writing, images, video or the arts.” Typically, when referring to marketing, content is used to promote a brand’s product or service.

When it comes to developing content for your business, you’ll oftentimes hear people say, “Your content HAS to be unique!” And this is true. But, what exactly does “unique” or “evergreen” content mean?

  • Unique content – Content that has never been written before. This content is “unique” to you and your business. The same writing, wording, imaging, etc will not be found anywhere else. This is also sometimes referred to as “original” content.
  • Evergreen content – We like to refer to this one as “Ever (Always) Green (Fresh).” Always Fresh. Evergreen content is content that is always relevant. You know how evergreen trees retain their leaves all year ’round? The same can be said for your content. When you create “evergreen content”, you create content that never loses it’s value. You create content that is “always fresh.”

5 Reasons Content Is Important to Your Business

So, why are these two types of content important to your business? Here are a few of our favorite reasons!

  1. No one wants to read old news – keep it fresh! Add value for your audience.
  2. It helps with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  3. It allows you to connect (and link) with other businesses and groups online – again, helping to enhance SEO
  4. You need good, high-quality content to do well in social media marketing
  5. Google checks for the originality of your content (images, videos, blogs, etc) and ranks you accordingly

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